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SoundMount® (NEXT 8365) - Full motion TV wall mount with integrated sound

Impressive audio that turns with your TV

TVs are becoming thinner and lighter. This is at the expense of the sound quality. This, however, will not be an issue thanks to the SoundMount. This TV bracket combines our high-end swivelling wall support (Vogel's DesignMount) with an built-in sound bar (including a wireless subwoofer). You can enjoy the best picture and audio from every place in a room with this.

Wichtige Merkmale:
  • Kabelmanagementsystem
  • Einfache Befestigung
  • Kann bis zu 76 cm ausgezogen werden

All-in-one: swivelling wall bracket + built-in sound bar + wireless subwoofer

The SoundMount (NEXT 8365) is a unique wall bracket with built-in sound bar. Use it to optimise your viewing and listening experience with one elegant solution. This product guarantees impressive sound quality that turns with your TV and makes your films and music come alive.

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Technische Daten

Min. Größe (inch) 40
Max. Größe (inch) 65
Max. Gewicht (kg) 30
Lochmuster (mm) Min. 200x200 / Max. 600x400
Drehen 120°
Farbe Schwarz
Garantie Lebenslange Garantie
Nettogewicht einschließlich Verpackung (kg) 26.61
Frequenzbereich Soundbar 180 Hz-20 kHz
Subwoofer 40 Hz-150 Hz
Guarantee on Electrical Parts 2 Jahre
Artikelnummer 8735080
TÜV-Zertifikat Ja


Best reviewed product Kieskeurig

iF Product Design Award 2016

Red Dot Product Design Award 2016