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Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is an international 5-star hotel in the center of Amsterdam, which has a rich history of uncompromised luxury. Entertainment is indispensable in providing an unparalleled guest experience.

That’s why they selected Vogel’s and our award-winning, easy to use solutions, which meets all requirements, to give guests full and intuitive control over the way they enjoy their TV. The most important thing for guests, regardless of whether they visit the hotel for business or leisure, is space in the room.
Especially in the larger rooms it is very important that a TV can move freely, to create the ideal viewing experience. That is why it was decided to fix the screens neatly on the wall instead of putting them on cabinets. AVEX delivered our solutions.

Why Vogel's?
Quality, ease of installation and use, luxury and design were important decision factors. Vogel's understands this needs and thus was the ideal partner for mounting the large Tv's in the luxury hotel rooms and suites.

A TV wall mount that is optimally movable

Various mounting solutions

For the larger suites the DesignMount was chosen, a TV wall mount that is optimally movable. This is a TV wall mount that can be turned to the left or to the right with a smooth hand movement, but can also be placed flat against the wall. This means that the guests can interactively control the television anywhere in the room. For other rooms was chosen for TV wall mounts for flat on the wall, with the TV hanging on the wall like a painting (WALL 3205/3305). In addition, THIN 245 was also installed, where necessary with a cable road system, so that cables are neatly kept out of sight.
In addition to freedom of movement or the neat way of mounting TV’s, the robustness of the product is also an important consideration in the choice for Vogel's. With the chosen TV wall mounts, a high-quality solution with stylish high-end design is offered, where the ultimate viewing experience for the hotel guest has a central position and can be guaranteed for many years.

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Who managed this project?

The project was realized in corporation between our Dutch importer Vogel’s Professional Nederland (VPN) together with AVEX.

Quote installer:

We have supplied various high-quality Vogel's mounts for the displays at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. For mounting solutions in the hospitality market we always choose Vogel's because of the quality and reliability. - Gerben Huisman
  1. WALL 3205 Flache TV-Wandhalterung

    WALL 3205 Flache TV-Wandhalterung

    Eine TV-Wandhalterung mit modernem Design, die zu den meisten Fernsehern und Einrichtungsstilen passt.

  1. WALL 3305 Flache TV-Wandhalterung

    WALL 3305 Flache TV-Wandhalterung

    Eine TV-Wandhalterung mit modernem Design, die zu den meisten Fernsehern und Einrichtungsstilen passt.

  1. DesignMount (NEXT 7345) Schwenkbare TV-Wandhalterung

    DesignMount (NEXT 7345) Schwenkbare TV-Wandhalterung

    Eine innovative TV-Wandhalterung mit markantem Design, die Ihnen das beste Fernsehvergnügen bietet.

  1. THIN 245 UltraThin Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

    THIN 245 UltraThin Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

    Die TV-Wandhalterung, um Ihren Fernseher so flach wie möglich zu montieren. Schlank und elegant.


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