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About us..

Achieving the best result is what drives us. We surpass expectations with our inventiveness and eye for detail. That is the purpose of the Vogel's lab.

We want to excel in exceeding people’s expectations. Each and every one of us is prepared to go the extra mile to develop and implement new solutions.

Vogel's Connect-it universal video wall solutions

Meet our "new revolution" Connect-it universal video wall solutions.

With this new revolution, we open up an entirely new level of showing content. Whether you need a ceiling, floor-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, free-standing, back-to-back, fixed or mobile solution, installation is clear and simple. And as always, this union of innovation and safety is sealed with TÜV-5 certification. 
In addition, we can also now offer solutions for LED screens, for a futureproof standard. The options are endless and for any situation is a solution possible. Read more ...

For other configurations, please use our Pro-AV mount advisor

Pro-AV Mount Advisor

The ultimate configuration tool!