FCVWB3355 UniSee video wall floor/ceiling solution 3x3

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to align on X-Y-Z axis
  • Attractive design
  • TÜV-5 certified

Not able to install your Barco UniSee 3x3 video wall on the wall? Vogel's has put together a complete kit for a professional video wall floor-to-ceiling solution. This video wall floor-to-ceiling solution kit has been specially designed for mounting Barco UniSee 55 inch (1397 mm) displays.

Video wall ceiling solution 3x3
Display size: Barco UniSee 55 inch (1397 mm)

Kit contains:
• 2x PFF 7965, Floor/ceiling mounting plate, adjustable
• 2x PFA 9132, Floor/ceiling solution support
• 2x PUC 2933, Tube
• 6x PFB 3419, Display Interface Bar
• 3x PFA 9104, Bar coupler for PFB 34xx
• 4x PLM 8030, Vertical profile
• 3x PLS 8001, Mounting strips, vertical
• 4x PFA 9137, UniSee mounting kit
• 1x PFA 9138, UniSee spacer

Precision with ease for a seamless installation
This Barco UniSee kit package allows you to combine various video wall mounting plates with PUC 29 poles from the Vogel's Connect-it series. And with the vertical profiles, mounting strips and specific UniSee adapters, you can easily mount your UniSee displays on the Connect-it system. The mounting kit and spacer ensure correct positioning of the displays, allowing you to create a perfect and seamless Barco UniSee video wall.
If you are looking for a larger format Barco UniSee video wall configuration, please contact us. We can assemble any size UniSee video wall for you in any configuration. As a floor solution or on the ceiling, fixed or mobile.

Install your video wall quickly and easily. Choose precision with ease for a seamless end result. A solution that suits you and your customers perfectly and can be placed in any environment. An attractive design, one system for a variety of applications, easy to maintain and both durable and versatile. Vogel’s. For Sure.

FCVWB3355 UniSee video wall floor/ceiling solution 3x3

Priser og certifikater

Dette produkt har gennemgået omfattende tests for at sikre, at det overholder TÜV Nords kvalitetsstandard. Produkterne testes til at kunne bære mindst 3 gange den vægt, som er angivet til privat brug, og mindst 5 gange vægten, som er angivet til professionel brug. TÜV NORD er en uafhængig certificeringsmyndighed og er globalt anerkendt som et mærke, der garanterer fremragende kvalitet.

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Pole floor ceiling
5 år

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